Never doubt on a small group of persons committed could change the world



– Unique solution in the market
– Leveraging of different team jobs
– Management of work environment
– Team building of easy implementation
– Multi – generational Integration (baby boomers, X & Y gen)
– Horizontal and transverse work teams integration.
– Approach and integration of heads – workers and vice versa
– Parameters obtaining and productivity improvement
– Innovative and functional dynamics, advising at all times
– The making of advising dynamics along with our clients
– Transparency in the entire process
– Easy to implement


Teams Cohesion in complex situations or crisis 

Fusion areas and work teams

Ideal for corporate restructuring


– Strengthen team identity and interpersonal relationships
– Build trust in the communication
– Tackle and manage the resolution of conflicts through dynamic
– Build a collaborative mindset
– Develop cognitive skills and systemic management
– Identify problems, conflicts and false beliefs in the Organization
– Improvement of the working environment and long-term motivation
– Generate greater security in presentations to pubic
– Design and implementation of a collaborative learning
– Development of team work in instances of high pressure
– Develop communication effective and thought systemic
– Promotion of a work-friendly environment through the playful


Networking Experience


Through conversations short, your team’s work is known more beyond of the routine usual in a format playful, where all interact all with all in a circuit of meetings. The interaction will be guided by coach, where you will have labor questions, personal and others. This in order to generate greater group cohesion and integration.


Theatre Production


We build in conjunction with your organization and needs a theatrical performance that enhances team work in different areas, under a methodology of “learning by doing”
We will build the history of your organization and its goals through this dynamic
The team, integrated by professionals of the area of the theatre and psychology, co-construirá with your team them scripts and representations.


Inspiring Kitchen


Through the magic of the cuisine and the flavours of the world we will expand the horizon of collaborative work in your organization. Your team must show their skills and strategies interpersonal to achieve generate one or several dishes, that will be shared to the end of the activity in joint with our coach specialist.

The complexity of some of the dishes will test all the imagination and proactivity of the
-Includes materials and facilities.
-At the end of the activity, is savoured the dishes along with the tasting of a wine pairing.
-The activity closes with a reflection in conjunction with the coach.


Collaborative Games


Develop games that seek to develop the leadership, work in team, interaction and resolution of problems through an experience fun and different, leaving a footprint on the learn doing.
-Driving blind
-Construction of structures
-Negotiating parts
-Selling which not is


It’s the utmost important for us making an adequate planning of the project to develop,

from the moment which the client presents us the idea to the moment we turn it into a successful group dynamic.


convoy workflow

Our Skills

By virtue of each project, we offer our best skills to generate the best synergy possible

  • Business, Labor and Personal Coaching
  • Transformational Coaching
  • Planning and Event Management
  • Corporate Events
  • Personnel Selection and Training
  • Personal and Business Leadership
  • Team Leadership
  • No verbal language
  • Business Intelligence
  • Team Building
  • Job Matching

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